Jari Koski OH6QU oh6qu at netikka.fi
Wed Jun 3 10:59:35 PDT 2009

No johan pukkas hyvät kelit ja aktiviteetin WPX CW -kisaan.

P.S. Ihan vaan vinkkinä vanity-koolin hankintaa suunnitteleville, että OH9 
ja OG9 kutsut olisivat olleet kova sana tässä kisassa. Meiltäkin jäi ne 
molemmat saamatta lokiin.

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: OG6A
Operator(s): OH6KZP, OH6LI, OH6QU
Station: OH4A

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Kisko
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs
  160:   66
   80:  487
   40:  990
   20: 1863
   15:  701
   10:  224
Total: 4331  Prefixes = 1196  Total Score = 11,939,668

Club: Contest Club Finland


Our target was set to challenge the old OH record in the M/S category which 
8.8Mpoints. We knew that we had a chance to break it even at the bottom of 
solar cycle but needed a bit of help from the propagation. Especially Lady
Aurora was the one we didn't want to show up during the contest.

The conditions were excellent: 20M was open for the full 48 hours, there 
intense ES openings on 15M and 10M and even 15M provided some real DXs. Time 
time the pile-ups were comparable to the ones at the solar cycle peak.

We also had exceptionally hot weather throughout the contest. The 
reached +30 C during the day, which isn't very common in Finland. Therefore 
contest was also a real temperature stress test for equipment and operators 
the temperature was peaking at least +38 C in the ham shack. The equipment
passed the test successfully with only one minor malfunction. The operators
also survived the test :) Actually the operators didn't get enough heat 
the weekend and therefore we all went to the sauna that showed about +90 C 
after the contest, which ended in the middle of the night towards Monday at 

We achieved our goal very well - the old OH record was exceeded with a
significant margin. After the contest we also realized that our claimed 
is bigger than the current European record in the M/S category. However, we
knew that there will be others with even bigger claimed scores -
congratulations to E7DX, ES9C, OL3Z, OM7M and UZ2M for your excellent 
We hope that we finished in the EU top-10 in the very competitive M/S

Improvement for next time: try to recruit more operators for the M/S team. 
time the multiplier radio wasn't manned throughout the contest and operators
were not at their best when too tired.

2 x Yaesu FT-1000MP + linears
10M - 3 x 4 el mono and 3 x 4 el mono
15M - 2 x 4 el mono and 2 x 4 el mono
20M - 3 x 4 el mono, 3 x 4 el mono and 2 el delta loop
40M - 2 x 2 el mono, 2 el shortened
80M - 2 el shortened + RX antennas
160M - quarter slopers + RX antennas

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