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Hieno operaatio heikoissa keleissä. Web-camit oli mukavia ja tulosseuranta mielenkiintoista.
Seurasin välillä clusterispottien vaikutusta rate-mittariin :)
Yritin myös seurata getscores-sivustolta toisia M2 asemia ja niiden bandivalintoja, mutta
hyvää vertailuasemaa ei siellä valitettavasti ollut.

Tämä oli hyvä esimerkki siitä, että kontestien seuranta voi olla mielenkiintoista myös kisan
ulkopuolella, radiourheilusta voi tulla myös yleisölaji, joka tekisi hyvää koko harrasteelle.

Kun vielä reaaliaikaisen audion lähettäminen saadaan sovitettua kilpailujen sääntöihin, niin
sittenhän homma on todella mielenkiintoista.

Kiitokset Arcalan porukalle mukavasta viikonlopusta.

Timo, OH6GLE

Toni Lindén [oh2ua at oh2u.com] kirjoitti: 
>                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB
> Call: OG8X
> Operator(s): OH1TV, OH1WZ, OH2BH, OH2UA, OH4JFN, OH6KN, OH6UM, OH8NC
> Station: OH8X
> Class: M/2 HP
> QTH: Radio Arcala
> Operating Time (hrs): 48
> Summary:
>  Band  QSOs
> ------------
>  160:  187
>   80:  636
>   40: 1756
>   20: 2904
>   15:   80
>   10:    0
> ------------
> Total: 5563  Prefixes = 1411  Total Score = 18,558,883
> Club: Contest Club Finland
> Comments:
> The latest Arcala Extremes team happening was scheduled to coincide with
> another WPX contest - this time the SSB part - not only to oil the Arcala team
> spirit but even more to test out a variety of parts built for the mammoth
> racing machine. And it all served well to meet and even exceed all our
> objectives set for the exercise. Granted, we came nowhere near maximum
> performance but we did enjoy the  great camaraderie of the team and the social
> aspects of such an annual gathering. This meant testing many of the desired
> features designed to boost amateur radio contesting as an interesting
> competitive endeavor both internally and, even more important, with a view to
> the spectator audience. The underlying aim was to pursue our overall mission of
> pushing competitive amateur radio to new heights.
> By the same token, WPX provided a test case to see whether competing from
> Europe's worst propagation zone continues to provide a motivation for the team
> to do well with the local circumstances in mind. No doubt 2009 will be
> remembered as such a milestone for many years to come.
> Typically, the scenario for running 20/15M volumes from the South while the
> bands were gone in the North did not happen in usual fashion.  But in a way
> this benefited the North. Those bands were so poor in the South that their
> competitive edge narrowed to a minimum and this helped the South/North playing
> field to even out while the South's low-band advantage was reduced somewhat by
> the tons of hardware that we had fully operational on the low bands.
> As for the final outcome, our 18.5 million M2 score is comparable to the
> South's performance, thus giving us further incentive to hone our skills and
> our station for the days when we will have enough propagation to truly compete
> with the South in conditions of increased sunspot activity. That is, if those
> sunspots ever appear, at least during the time frame set for the Radio Arcala
> project.
> It was great fun when the team's multiple skills played together well and
> further enhanced the readiness of Arcala Extremes to fight and to enjoy Mother
> Nature in  a balanced way, faced with the endless tundra that characterizes
> Arcala's Arctic landscape. Indeed, from the windows of the Arcala ham shack you
> could see nothing but snow - a conspicuous feature associated with the
> aspirations and the livelihood of the people of the Far North.
> So the team returned to their own igloos and started to look forward to the
> upcoming Spring and the Summer season's 24 hours of daylight which will
> effectively kill what is left of low-band propagation. The Spring will also
> mean interesting times for the team since they plan to be present at all major
> ham gatherings, i.e. Visalia, CA; Dayton, OH; Friedrichshafen, Germany and
> Halifax, Canada.
> See you there, guys - and thank you for your interest in Arcala Extremes.
> The world's most northerly Contesting alliance.
> www.radioarcala.com
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