[CCF] PileUP! newsletter; via CCF-website in the future

Ilkka Korpela Ilkka.Korpela at Helsinki.fi
Mon May 4 09:11:16 PDT 2009

TO: CQ-CONTEST, TOEC & CCF reflectors

PileUP! newsletter by Contest Club Finland, which
has been available through
http://www.helsinki.fi/~korpela/PU/PU.html will
be available via  http://www.contestclubfinland.com/CCF/
in the future. Stay tuned for news by CCF.

New editor(s) will eventually take over, so the
old e-mail address for submissions is no longer valid.

The old editor hereby thanks everyone who has helped
CCF in keeping PileUP! alive, 2006-2009. You've been
many, in Finland and elsewhere. Too many to list.

73 & CUL de OH1WZ

Ilkka Korpela

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