[CCF] SAC 2009 logs

Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 21:53:42 PDT 2009


I would just like to remind everyone that any logs still waiting to be
submitted either by email or uploaded to www.sactest.net are very welcome.
The noble fight for Scandinavian Cup is still undecided. Competition this
year has been great and the activity from Scandinavians was actually quite
good. Of course, good can always be better... so next year we hope to
increase not only SM points with 40% compared to the previous year, but also
the amount of logs ;)

For some reason, sorry about my limited knowledge in Finnish, there is some
kind of discussion on the CCF list about OH8X CW log still not submitted. If
I understand the discussions correctly, we can expect the log from them to
be received not later (and maybe also not earlier) than the deadline day.
Reasons?  Only our brothers in Finland can explain...

My personal opinion is that the new Log Processing Robot has created quite a
lot of excitement for SAC, and it also affected the activity in the SSB part
it seems.

So, please be prepared for the OH8X CW log by submitting any logs that for
some reason have not still been sent. I see no reason either from Finnish or
Swedish side to wait :)

Who will be first to 30 million points... and who will be the Scandinavian
Cup winner?

Needless to say, these are just Claimed Scores... so even if one of the
countries seem to win, the final decision is being made by own Norwegian
friends, in charge of the log checking this year!

And guys... the important thing is NOT to win Scandinavian Cup (even if the
possible victory for any country is pleasant). We ALL win by increasing the
activity in Scandinavian Activity Contest so let us now also focus on how we
shall make SAC even better and more popular. The upcoming CCF Event in the
beginning of 2010 is an excellent place for good co-operation between all
Scandinavian countries!  Plan participation already now!

73 de R3/SM6LRR, Mats

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