Kari Korhonen kari.korhonen at kymp.net
Wed Sep 23 12:23:17 PDT 2009

                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: OF200AD
Operator(s): OH5HBA,OH5KE,OH5TS
Station: OF200AD

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Hamina
Operating Time (hrs): 16

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  180    28
   40:  288    43
   20:  521    52
   15:   62    27
   10:    8     7
Total: 1059   157  Total Score = 375,073



OF200AD is memorial call sign of Hamina Peace Treaty signed on 17th of
September, 1809. We at OH5AD, the local club set up an open-door, green field
station for the anniversary weekend right in Hamina's historic quarters in a
Gun Powder Cellar (from mid 1700's). A 12 m tower with an A3S and a surplus
telescoping mast with a 40 m delta loop and 80 m dipole were erected on
Thursday the 17th on the banks surrounding the Cellar. Two radios, a FT-1000mp
with a Drake L4B and an Icom 756 ProII with a small Dentron amp were used the
Yaesu being the run radio and the Icom a back-up. From Friday the 18th till
Saturday the 19th we operated on SSB and also on RTTY and had a fair amount of
visitors coming to the site. Some 300 contacts were made then.

At 11 UTC we stopped the phone operation and started preparing to the SAC CW
Contest starting at noon UTC. Unfortunately Mr. Murphy decided to visit us. We
could not get the lap tops to key the interfaces and while troubleshooting the
network crashed. We finally got on the air at 14:07, more than two hours late.
Things ran smoothly until the third QSY to 80 m at 23:30. Our dipole just went
dead. The other bands were more or less dead and we decided to go home and come
back in the morning.

We restarted at 5:40 on Sunday morning and enjoyed nice pile ups and a
surprising opening on 15 to ZL and JA. Things ran smoothly until the end of the
contest. On Sunday we had again a fair amount of visitors, sometimes the
background noise was so high that we could not hear own monitor. 

The project was an experience by itself. Firstly it was inspiring to set up a
real green field site, secondly it was fascinating to see how well such a
modest set up can work. And finally it was a great opportunity to demonstrate
ham radio, this crazy hobby to the public. People were very interested of
coarse and maybe a few got the spark, time will tell...

Thanks to all who worked us. We will QSL all contacts via the bureau. Any
direct requests should be addressed to OH5AD.

73 de Kari OH5TS

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