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Sivustolla www.sactest.net näyttäisi News-osiossa
olevan tällainen päivitys (ja huom. sana "recommend",
eli kyseessä on vain suositus):

The band plan for the 7 MHz band has been changed and we recommend the
following frequency segments for the Scandinavian Activity Contest,
according to the IARU Region 1 Band Plan. For details please refer to the
IARU R1 HF Band Plan at http://www.iaru-r1.org


7000 - 7025 kHz Contest preferred.

Note: The whole 7000-7200 kHz band can be used for CW, but take care and try
to NOT interfere with other services.


7060 - 7100 kHz Contest preferred.
7130 - 7200 kHz Contest preferred.

Note 1: 7050-7200 kHz may be used on SSB, but take care and try to NOT
interfere with other services.

Note 2: You may still want to work split on SSB between Scandinavia and
Region 2 stations, since the Region 2 Band Plan upper frequency limit is
7300 kHz.

SM3CER - 2009-Sep-18


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Saako käyttää yli 7100 kHz taajuksia viikonlopun SACissa? Pikkutehoilla
7040-90 taitaa olla turha toivo.

Jukka OH4MFA

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