[CCF] IARU HF-kisaan liittyvää – jalopuuta seinälle???

Janne Karresuo janne.karresuo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 06:22:19 PDT 2010

Ohessa hieman lisäinformaatiota uusista plaketeista. Vissiin nämä on jo
luettavissa jossain, mutta tässä on poimintoja eräästä viestiketjusta...

Viimeinen viesti on lähetetty eilen... Katsotaan mitä ilmestyy...


*9A-maan plaketti*

Hello everyone.

During FHN meeting, Braco E77DX and me discussed some ideas to promote
to work as many HQ stations as possible, not only their homeland HQ.

In order to promote great friendship between E7HQ and 9A0HQ teams and to
this contest more interesting, we agreed to sponsor some new plaques in
three different
categories. If other HQ teams want to join us, it will be appreciated. For
that you
can contact me.

So, in behalf of IARU Region 1, E7HQ and 9A0HQ are ready to sponsor
following plaques:

1. Station who will make most QSOs with HQ stations in first hour of the
2. Station who will make most QSOs with HQ stations in first 12h of the
3. Station who will make most QSOs with HQ stations in the contest

In the case that two or more stations have same number of QSOs with HQ
the winner is one which will make last qso with HQ earlier.

Of course, HQ stations are not eligible to win this award.
The number of QSOs will be determined from HQ logs after deadline.

I will publish this information during tomorrow evening to the bulletins,
so if there is interest from other HQ to join us or you have some other
ideas, please send it to me ASAP.

Kresimir - 9A5K



Interesting idea, thank you.
But I think there is necessary to explain more clear : did you mean total
different HQ calls or total QSOs with HQ stations per bands and modes?

73, Remi LY8O


Hi Remi.

Thanks for comment.

I was thinking about total QSOs with HQ stations per bands and modes.
Of course, double qsos are not counted.

All this numbers could be easily extracted from HQ logs and we can have a
very fast.

Kresimir - 9A5K


Hello Kresimir,

this is a good idea to promote the contest. Austria, OVSV will also sponsor
a plaque for this “IARU-Competition” ,if you like.

We need now rules for that competition, that I can forward that soon to my

73 Dieter OE8KDK

HF-Contest Manager

*Thanks Dieter for great news from OVSV.*
* *
*I will publish the rules on reflector and forward to our members as well to
other bulletins*
*later today. *
* *
*Kresimir - 9A5K*

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