[CCF] IARU HQ-kisassa vilppiäkö jälleen... Näyttäisi kuitenkin ihan muulta.

Janne Karresuo janne.karresuo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 04:17:54 PDT 2010

Morjesta kaikille ja lauantaipäivää..

Tuollainen viesti putkahti esiin yhdellä listalla juuri äsken... Jokainen
tehköön itse johtopäätöksensä...

-Janne, OH6LBW-

Saturday 17th July 2010

Hello Dietmar et al

- - DK8NC spots for DA0HQ - -

The GR2HQ team and I are very disappointed that the DA0HQ team have gained
an unfair advantage during the contest.

The DK8NC spotting 'problem' has been a considerable help to DA0HQ, both
this year and in previous years. Surely the DA0HQ team is aware of DK8NC's
behaviour in previous years ?

I hope that the DA0HQ report will *not* say :
'DK8NC is an over-enthusiastic supporter of DA0HQ'
'DA0HQ cannot be held responsible for the action of other German stations'

I find it improbable that no-one in the DA0HQ team knows DK8NC and that he
could not have been easily contacted during the contest and asked to stop
spotting unfairly.

GR2HQ team leader

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