[CCF] SYLRA Contest 2010 - säännöt

Janne Karresuo janne.karresuo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 03:36:54 PDT 2010

  Perjantaipäivää kontestikansalle.

SYLRA Contest liittyy uutena kisana kontestikartalle. *Anne, OH2YL* pyysi
minua toimittamaan säännöt näkösälle. Kannattaa lukaista. Pelkästä
YL-kisasta ei ole tässä kysymys.

*Organizer:* Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs SYLRA.
*Aim of the contest:* To promote YL activity around the world as well as to
encourage amateur radio communication between women (YL) and men (OM). YL’s
can work other YL’s and OM’s and *OM’s can work YL’s and other OM’s,*
*Time:* 2010 September 4, 1000 UTC to 2010 September 5, 1000 UTC
*Period of Operation:* 24 hours. Operators may operate 18 of the 24 hours –
off times must be a minimum of 60 minutes during which no QSO is logged.
*Bands: *3,5 - 7 - 14 - 21 - 28 MHz bands may be used according to IARU HF
Band PlansTo help competitors to find each other we propose to use frequencies
+/- 10 kHz from the following activity center frequencies:CW: 3.545, 7.025,
14.045, 21.045 and 28.045 kHzRTTY: 3.588, 7.044, 14.088, 21.088 and 28.088
kHzSSB: 3.768/3.868, 7.088/7.188, 14.288, 21.288 and 28.488 kHz
*Mode:* CW, RTTY and SSB
*Contest exchanges:* “CQ Contest” The contest exchange consists of RS(T)
plus name of the operator (e.g. 59(9) Anne) The same station may be worked
once on each band and mode
YL: Single Op. - High PowerSingle Op. - Low Power (output 100 W or less)
OM: Single Op. - High PowerSingle Op. - Low Power (output 100 W or less)
*Scoring:* YL-stations give ten (10) points per every complete
give two (2) points per every complete contact. Two-way QSO with sent and
received exchange counts for QSO-points.
*Multipliers:* Worked DXCC countries are valid for multiplier on each band
and mode. (E.g. a multiplier for working a DXCC country on 80 M CW, 80 M
RTTY, 80 M SSB, 40 M CW … etc)
*Final score:* To calculate the final score, multiply the sum of QSO-points
on all bands with the sum of multipliers worked on all bands and modes
*Awards:* Trophys for three top scoring winners in all four sections
*Logs:* Send logs not later than 30.9.2010.
*Address for logs:* SRAL, OHYLS, Box 44, FIN-00440 HELSINKI, Finland or by
email: ylcontest at sral.fi.
*by OH2YL*

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