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 *Päivää *kontestikansalle.
Ohessa sitten SYLRA kisan uudet säännöt uusine päivämäärineen. Kisa taipuu
nyt kivasti jo eri softien ajettavaksi ainakin kun IARU HF:n setupin
klikkailee käyttöön... Sieltä kun löytyy noita zoneja ainakin tuonne 88:n
saakka. Kiitos uusista säännöistä Annelle, OH2YL.


 *Organizer: *Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs SYLRA.

*Aim of the contest: *To promote YL activity around the world as well as to
encourage amateur radio communication between women (YL) and men (OM). YL’s
can work other YL’s and OM’s and OM’s can work YL’s and other OM’s,

*Time: *2010 October 23, 1000 UTC to 2010 October 24, 1000 UTC

*Period of Operation:* 24 hours. Operators may operate 18 of the 24 hours –
off times must be a minimum of 60 minutes during which no QSO is logged.

*Bands: *3,5 - 7 - 14 - 21 - 28 MHz bands may be used according to IARU HF
Band Plans

To help competitors to find each other we propose to use frequencies +/- 10
kHz from the following activity center frequencies:

CW: 3.545, 7.025, 14.045, 21.045 and 28.045 kHz

RTTY: 3.588, 7.044, 14.088, 21.088 and 28.088 kHz

SSB: 3.768/3.868, 7.088/7.188, 14.288, 21.288 and 28.488 kHz

*Mode: *CW, RTTY and SSB

*Contest exchanges:*

“CQ Contest”.

YLs: RS(T) plus 88 (e.g. 59(9) 88)

OMs: RS(T) plus 73 (e.g. 59(9) 73)

The same station may be worked once on each band and mode


*YL: *

Single Op. - High Power

Single Op. - Low Power (output 100 W or less)

*OM: *

Single Op. - High Power

Single Op. - Low Power (output 100 W or less)

*Scoring: *YL-stations give ten (10) points per every complete contact.
OM-contacts give two (2) points per every complete contact. Two-way QSO with
sent and received exchange counts for QSO-points.

 *Multipliers: *Worked DXCC countries are valid for multiplier on each band
and mode. (E.g. a multiplier for working a DXCC country on 80 M CW, 80 M
RTTY, 80 M SSB, 40 M CW … etc)

*Final score:* To calculate the final score, multiply the sum of QSO-points
on all bands with the sum of multipliers worked on all bands and modes

*Awards: *Trophys for three top scoring winners in all four sections

*Logs: *Send logs not later than 30.9.2010.

*Address for logs: *SRAL, OHYLS, Box 44, FIN-00440 HELSINKI, Finland or by
email: ylcontest at sral.fi.

by OH2YL

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