[CCF] Russian DX Contest 2010

Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 11:50:40 PST 2010

Hello fellow Nordic Radiosport friends!

Within less than two weeks, RUSSIAN DX CONTEST 2010, will take place.

Please prepare and gather your forces for this excellent contest event.

A special Scandinavian Contest Plaque for the class Single Op All Band Mixed
is available since 2009. Last year, LN8W with operator LB8IB won this trophy
with the score 5984286 pomits. OH0Z and and OH8X were close...

Sorry for late delivery Olaf, but the plaque will soon be sent according to
Harry RA3AUU.

In case the score for Single Op All Band CW or Single Op All Band SSB is
higher than SOAB Mixed, the plaque will be awarded to a station in this
category. Special congratulations to OH6KZP, Kim, for great score in SOAB
SSB (5089626 points) !!!

The Nordic Winner (and 4th place World) in the category Multi Op 2
Transmitters, SK3W, also hope that there will be a HUGE Nordic battle in the
Multi Operator 2 Transmitter category this year. SM5AJV, SM5PHU and
"undertecknad" are ready for the fight about the Nordic MO2T title :)

Please have a look at the Official RDXC Homepage www.rdxc.org   A lot of
useful information is available here.

Do not forget to announce your planned activity on:

The list of planned activity could be found on:

Hope to see may Nordic station this year in RDXC!  Last year we had:

35 stations from OH (26 stations 2008)
2 stations from OH0 (2 stations 2008)
1 station from  OY (0 stations 2008)
0 stations from OX (0 stations 2008)
33 stations from SM (35 stations 2008)
18 stations from LA (18 stations 2008)
11 stations from OZ (5 stations 2008)
0 stations from JW (0 stations 2008)
0 stations from JX (0 stations 2008)

This can be IMPROVED A LOT!

Totally 3629 stations submitted the log

Looking forward to seeing you in RDXC between March 20th - March 21st

73 de R3/SM6LRR, Mats

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