[CCF] N1MM ja kilpailun aikaperiodit

Ilmo Anttila ilmo.anttila at qualisys.fi
Mon Mar 29 00:05:00 PDT 2010

Tiedoksi OH-kisaajille

Sain alla olevan ohjeen N1MMn Yahoo-reflektorilta.
Alla annetulla käskyllä voidaan jakaa mikä tahansa kisa aikaperiodeihin ilman, että DUPE-hälyytys häiritsee lokin pitoa.
Kusojen kirjoitusruudukkoon siis kutsun tilalle kirjoitetaan TOUR ja lähetettävän raportin ruutuun periodin alkuaika/kestoaika. (käsky häipyy, jos ohjelma välillä suljetaan)
Kokeilin toimintoa. Se näytti toimivan.
Lykkyä kisoissa!

Ilmo, OH2BO

Hi Ilmo,

There is command TOUR (session) that can be entered in the Entry Window
instead of callsign (any number of times, at any time, before or during the
contest). It has 2 parameters separated with "/" that should be entered into
Snt field (instead of 59/599) - the time when the session begins (GMT!) and
the duration of the session. Format for both should be hhmm (hours,
minutes). Minimum value for duration is 10 (10 minutes). To check if the
command was accepted you can enter command again without parameters - you
will see pop-up window confirming the command. If you decide to change
parameters you can do it at any time.

Command examples:

Callsign    Snt
TOUR        1200/30 (contest starts at 12:00 GMT, session duration - 30
TOUR        200/10 (contest starts at 2:00 GMT, session duration - 10
TOUR        0000/130 (contest starts at 00:00 GMT, session duration - 90

In the beginning of every session there will be a message about it in the
status field (at the bottom of the Entry Window)
After you have first QSO logged during the new session you should see the
Multiplier window reset and dupes will be reset for this new session as

Most of the contests supported by the logger do not need this command but
some (mostly Russian and Ukrainian) do have it built into the contest module
and do not require it entered manually.

If you are planning using TOUR command with some of the supported contests
keep in mind that settings for it will be lost if the logger gets restarted.

If you are thinking of making new contest for N1MM logger I would recommend
looking at User Defined Contest feature. It is available in version 10.3.4.
It is not well documented yet but if you look in the folder N1MM
Logger\UserDefinedContests and run UDCeditor.exe you should be able to open
help and get some idea on how to use this feature. Although the contests
created with this new feature will not be as flexible as contests already
supported by the logger you will be able to create new contests with time

73, Nick NA3M

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