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Tue Nov 2 00:20:03 PDT 2010

Tämmöinen yritys.

Murphy iski poikkeuksellisella voimalla!.


CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: OG2A

Operator(s): OH2RA

Station: OG2A

Class: SOAB(A) HP


Operating Time (hrs): 17:10

Radios: SO2R


 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries


  160:   64     7       25

   80:  132    10       42

   40:  183    18       56

   20:  646    81       24

   15:  574    29       98

   10:  122    14       34


Total: 1731   102      336  Total Score = 1,450,656

Club: Contest Club Finland


Quite a blast this time!

Could only operate 17h10m but what fun!

Conditions on higher bands are really getting good, best hours on 20m 190 Q and 15 over 160 Q. Just like 7 years ago.

Burned an UHF T at the very beginning of the contest on Sat (fixed that), tower

1 stopped rotating Sat afternoon (fixed that), Sunday morning amplifier HV would not come on, a control relay DEEP in the system failed (fixed that) and finally, at the end of a great run of US stations on 20 m, the amp blew the main fuse and would blow it every time with more than 10 W drive. The heat of the "battle" was too much for the 10 y old reliable thing.  Did NOT fix that.  That felt like a good time to give up before Murphy starts taking down towers!

Thanks for all the QSOs, this fall has been good fun already in SAC and this promises a nice CQWW CW!!!

SO2R with WINTEST and DX-doubler

Home brew antenna switching and logic.

TX coax stubs + ICE band pass filters

IC 756 PRO III, IC 756


4 stack of Hygain tribanders (TH6+TH7) on a 45 m tower

4 stack of 10 ele tribanders on a 50 m tower

40: two stack 2-0-2 on 45 and 50 m towers

80: Rotatable dipole at 42 m + 3 element GP array with 6 km radials

160: 3 element vertical array, guy wires of 45 m tower



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