Ilkka Korpela Ilkka.Korpela at Helsinki.fi
Tue Nov 30 05:28:07 PST 2010

                     CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: OH2BH
Operator(s): OH1WZ
Station: OH2BH

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 46
Radios: SO2R

  Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   160:  409    16       60
    80: 1123    32       96
    40: 1044    32      103
    20:  886    33       90
    15:  522    34      106
    10:  124    12       51
Total: 4100   159      506  Total Score = 5,180,350

Club: Contest Club Finland


Another CQ WW SOAB effort after 11 years (1999 @ OH5LF).

SO2R for 26 hours and then lost the box and was doomed to SO1R.
Pitty, as I was arriving at a good mult score. The idea was to give
OH8X some competition and to boost the Arcala score. It worked out fine.
Also CCF's team Sauna got some points.

The Arcala sister-Station has 3 rotating towers, 42 and 48 m.

160 GP (full-size, 4 elev radials)
80  3 el
40  4 el and 2/2 el
20  7/7 and 4 el and 3x4el
15  7/7 + others that I didn't use
10  3x6el + others that I didn't use

The flux at 77-80 was enough to make 15 m usable for a couple of hours
into W/VE. JA direction was marginal. The low flux meant that 40 m was
a daytime dx-band just as it was last year.

Saturday evening came the disaster in the form of an aurora-induced
over-the-pole-opening on 20/15, which wasn't really reachable from 60N. At 65N
in Arcala, OH8X (and SJ2W, SM2CER) were working W/VEs that I couldn't hear.

To celebrate the 10th year of guest operating @OH2BH I was entitled to
use the new shack, which outperforms the old 2x4-m site hut. To go with
that luxury, I had the brand new radios. Power split on 20-10 has a bug
which prevented from using some scenarios. It has to be fixed in addition
to an update of SO2R and wintest knowledge by the op. Eleven years has
resulted in a lot of new parameters.

On wednesday, I drove 150 km to fix a 80-m dipole with Martti in the bliz-
zard. I'm embarrassed to confess, but not a single Q was made with it.

In short: Guest-operating @OH2BH is something special as is the Radio Arcala


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