[CCF] Who's the champ?

Ilkka Korpela Ilkka.Korpela at Helsinki.fi
Fri Oct 1 21:01:09 PDT 2010


In boxing, there's IBF, WBC, WBO and WPBF to organize events
and as a consequence you have to win all four titles to be
a true champ. You just hope that the matches aren't
organized on the same weekend, one in Vegas and the other in

It's a wild world.

First I thought that Mats is kidding and it's April 1st.

No - it's a true nightmare. In Finnish we say, "from ditch to the
hollow", "från en dik till en hölja", but we also say "better look first,
regret later".

"CQ SAC this is OH1WZ" is interpreted as "CQ South American
Contest". Well, the fun part here is that finally we get work
Scandinavians, just by logging them to the SoAmContest. And also,
those working the SAC, will not get bored, because they can do 2+
contests at the same time. And probably more as I'm sure that there
are some CW an RTTY events going on as well,

=> One more reson to let the leagues and IARU coordinate.

I will call "CQ from Scandinavia, OH2##, OH2##". It is important that
we now show up in masses on the band and kill the baby-born SoAmContest
that way. That's also what CQ RTTY did to SAC SSB.


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