[CCF] [TOEC] Skimmer/Cluster in SAC?

Jari Ojala jari.ojala at kotinet.com
Tue Sep 21 08:11:53 PDT 2010


I read rules quite many times and my opinion was skimmer is allowed for 
every one.
Skimmer isnt DX-cluster, because all spots come from own station without any 

But RBN is just like automatic DX-cluster , spots don´t come from own 
equipments or station! So, RBN not allowed.

I like, no anymore new categories! Keep old rules! So, I think is best to 
allow skimmer to everyone! But any assistant from other persons can be 

Other hand, why we don't allow all kind of assistance, but only one person 
make all contacts?!
I have heard old stories, as contest station need 600 ohm lines to win....

I like so as Jukka, skimmer dont help lot of scandinavian, because most of 
the other make only S&P QSOs. I use QS1R and skimmer server, after reading 
rules many times (assistant of other person and DX-cluster). I will make 
only two S&P QSOs. I dont see any other new multifier in my screen and 
pileup run most of the time... If skimmer isn't allowed, band scope must 
deny also...

Jari OH8LQ

> I don't think skimmer help Scandinavian station in SAC. Instead I used
> my PM-SDR with WinRad as 2nd receiver / bandscope. Easier to find
> quiet spot on the bands when trying to run QRP. Made most of QSOs
> running, only couple of s&p qso's in OG4T log.
> Also I don't want assisted class added in SAC.
> 73
> Jukka OH4MFA
> OG4T SOAB QRP in SAC CW 2010

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