[CCF] Puolalaiset kutsuvat pumppukisaan ensi Su

Ilkka Korpela Ilkka.Korpela at Helsinki.fi
Tue Jun 28 11:49:28 PDT 2011

de OH1WZ
Tässä etiäpäin saamani viesti Pawelilta SQ5STS:

------ Viesti alkaa ----

Hello  Ilkka
Can You help me?

We looking forpeople who will help propagate the idea of The New  
SPStraight KeyContest. We'd like to ask you to inform your local ham  
comunities about 5th Polish Straight Key Contest coming up this  
sunday. We will meet july 3rd at 1800 UTC 80 meters band. It is  
straight key only contest. This year is the first time contest is  
opened for outside SP stations.
We are waiting for your participation.

This year, for first place in allfour categories will be awarded an  
additional special prizes.
I'll arrange diplomas decorative stained glass. In theannex you see a  
diploma fromthe previous year.

Pleasepublish information about the contestwhere possible and pass  
this information to your friends.

Best regards

Pawel SQ5STS and Contest Committee

br oh1wz

Ilkka Korpela

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