[CCF] Letter to SAC Contest Committee about SAC 2010 results

Ilkka Korpela Ilkka.Korpela at Helsinki.fi
Thu Mar 24 03:37:15 PDT 2011

Quoting "Mats Strandberg" <sm6lrr at gmail.com>:


   I think one can publish claimed scores, and results that
are subject to chance before becoming final results (after a
period of protests e.g.). Then finally, one sends the trophies
out etc.

  My interpretation is that we are living this protest period.
Results are not yet final.

   What comes to CC. We are trying to get some feedback from the CC members
in PileUP! 15(3) or at least 15(4), for SAC 2011 marketing purposes.


p.s.  I hope that during this period more QSOs are found in my SSB
log and I would win SAC SOAB HP ssb at least once in my life.

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