Kim Östman kim.ostman at abo.fi
Mon Oct 15 05:23:42 EDT 2012

Kiitokset kaikille OH-asemille kusoista, oli todella kiva kokea tämä  
toisesta päästä!

Laitan audiot lokideadlinen jälkeen nettisivulleni, josta voi käydä  
kuuntelemassa miten oma signaali kantautui Keski-Eurooppaan.



                     Scandinavian Activity Contest, SSB

Call: LX7I
Operator(s): OH6KZP
Station: LX7I

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Eschdorf
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Radios: SO2R

  Band  QSOs  Mults
    80:  181    38
    40:  226    44
    20:  247    44
    15:  200    38
    10:   90    30
Total:  944   194  Total Score = 183,136

Club: Contest Club Finland


A very interesting experience. I wanted to work SAC from "the other side" to
obtain better understanding, and perhaps some suggestions to make it more
interesting for non-Scandinavians. The dream came true in Luxembourg, with a
suitable distance to Scandinavia, a great station, etc.

The QSOs are pretty evenly distributed between the bands. I was  
delighted about
10m also being open, although the QSO count didn't become quite as high there.
Many probably didn't check it often enough, and/or the openings were
geographically too limited, and changes could be rapid at times. Anyway, many
who came through did so with very good signal strengths. Saturday also showed
interesting pipeline conditions to OH and eastern SM on 15/10 around 16z-17z,
with S9+ signals.

Operating SO2R is a definite advantage in SAC, because it allows you to move
stations from one band to another (and perhaps a third) quickly just for the
QSO credit. And that is a must to be really competitive in this contest, from
both sides. Thanks to all who were willing to move.

During my admittedly brief contesting career so far, I don't remember
experiencing contest propagation this bad. The aurora made it excruciating.
Although I'm known to have quipped that "propagation is for sissies", there
should be some limit to the misery.... My hat goes off to all who decided to
remain on the air, especially to JW5X and XP1A, who must have experienced the
most devastating blow.

To deliver the final blow, Ms. Aurora apparently decided to inspire the return
flight crew last night. As we were entering Finnish airspace, the co-pilot
informed us passengers that there was a beautiful display of the Northern
Lights visible on the left side of the airplane. I sat on the right side,
didn't see it, and perhaps didn't really care to....

Many thanks to Philippe LX2A for letting me use his fine station, and to Ilkka
OH1WZ for good company during the trip. Last but not least, thanks to all who
were on the air for SAC!


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