[CCF] 11598 puhkuu intoa... 11596 kerää voimia

Ilkka Korpela Ilkka.Korpela at Helsinki.fi
Tue Oct 23 07:28:00 EDT 2012

Region 11596 [N07E18] displayed no significant changes and remains  
capable of producing an M class event.

Region 11598 [S12E57] has a strong magnetic delta structure in the  
large trailing penumbra. Further M class flaring is likely. Flares:  
C6.3 at 16:03, major M5.0/1F at 18:51 UTC as well as a few small C  
class events.

The region was the source of a major X1.8 flare at 03:17 UTC on October 23.


Thumbs up!


Ilkka Korpela

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