Kim Östman kim.ostman at abo.fi
Sun Sep 22 13:40:49 EDT 2013

Näin jälkikäteen voi jo miettiä, oliko alla mainittu aamuyöllinen
RFI-ongelma alitajuista jatkoa sarjallemme "kaadoin vettä linukkaan kun
kontesti alkoi ahdistaa" :)


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                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: OH2BH
Operator(s): OH6KZP
Station: OH2BH

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Pusula
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  359    44
   40:  691    60
   20:  719    68
   15:  493    65
   10:   59    29
Total: 2321   266  Total Score = 1,459,010

Club: Contest Club Finland


It seemed that the activity was quite good this year. Propagation wasn't bad
either; in fact I was very pleasantly surprised with how good 40m and
especially 80m were towards North America. 20m and 15m were in good shape,
although there was no early 15m JA opening on Sunday. 

Ten meters was quite spotty, with the CQs on the second radio netting some
good multipliers every now and again on Sunday. An Over The Horizon radar
destroyed the 10m CW band for more than an hour in the morning, but
fortunately the radar stopped before the end of the contest and enabled a
few more contacts.

The traditional Sunday-morning sunrise grind was awful, with seemingly
nothing getting the QSO rate up even though the high bands were already
opening. I had some sweaty moments watching the progress of Toni OH2UA @OH8X
and Per SM2LIY @SJ2W on the cqcontest.net scoreboard during that time :) I
must say the scoreboard adds a whole new level of whipping results out of
yourself when competing with friends. Very easy to use and get hooked up to,
too. Good stuff. Fell about 50kpts short of my goal in the end, and we'll
blame that on 10m.

Technically things worked fine, apart from a mysterious RFI problem that
messed up the SO2R switching system at 01 UTC when transmitting on one of
the radios. Thoughts about "well that was it then" already entered my mind,
but fortunately(?) the problem disappeared not too long after appearing, by
itself.... Some slow minutes were spent wondering what happened and what to
do about it. The glitch also dropped the audio from the station's live
audio/video stream for the rest of the contest, as I didn't have time to fix
that in the middle of the contest heat. The silver lining was that my
nervousness over whether everything would work until the end almost entirely
overshadowed the usual Sunday morning fatigue :)

Many thanks to Martti OH2BH and Leena OH2BE for their hospitality and for
letting me use the fine station. And as always, thanks to all for the QSOs
and for participating. There is hard work going on to continuously improve
SAC, and hopefully the results are manifested also in the events themselves!


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