[CCF] FS: W7IUV preamp - PCB and kits

Carsten Esch carsten.esch at appello.de
Fri Jan 10 06:32:09 EST 2014


with the help of Herman (DJ2BW) and Uli (DJ2YA) we made a PCB for the popular W7IUV preamp some time ago. I still have some kits / PCBs 4sale. 
Basically the amp can be used from 160m to 10m with more or less 20dB gain. Most people use them on the low bands for beverage antennas of course.

You can cover a few scenarios with the design (e.g. feed voltage to 'the far and of the antenna) ...

The schematic can be found here: http://download.appello.de/W7IUV/W7IUV_Schaltplan_220113.pdf
A small description on 'how to' here: http://download.appello.de/W7IUV/W7IUV_Scenarios_Kit_V220113_EN.pdf
The PCB is here: http://download.appello.de/W7IUV/W7IUV_Layout_V220113.bmp

Size of the PCB is abt. 80 x 52mm and will therefore fit in a standard tin box.  (e.g. Schubert 6c, 55x111x40). 

I can offer the the PCB for EUR 12,- each (plus EUR 3,45 shipping) and the complete kit (with all parts and drilled tin box) 
for EUR 49,- plus EUR 6,- shipping to OH.


Carsten, DL6LAU

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