[CCF] CT1BOH evaluation of WRTC playing field

Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 01:17:16 EDT 2014

Hello all,

Many of you might have followed the discussions after WRTC 2014 related to
different WRTC locations.

CT1BOH has presented his view and analysis:


The reason why I submit this link is neither in support or contradiction to
what Jose states, but mainly because the presentation is interesting and

There have been some criticism on the reflector on certain conclusions, but
I also believe many operating teams agree on the findings in this analysis.

Read an enjoy - and maybe look at your present contest locations (or your
dream locations where you would like to erect a super station in the
future). It can be worth looking at different parameters when choosing your
location - or deciding how high the antenna should be above ground and
above surrounding terrain.

73 de Mats SM6LRR (RM2D)

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