[CCF] IARU HF Contest 2015 - OH3D makes a new record

srela at kolumbus.fi srela at kolumbus.fi
Sun Jul 19 06:51:01 EDT 2015


The annual Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL) summer camp took place in 
Loppi, Finland 8th to 12 th July. SRAL summer camp event was this year 
again a massive success, having total of 925 participants.  Event 
program was full of interesting lectures and demonstrations in a 
beautiful lake and forest area near Rayskala sports aviation center.

During the SRAL summer camp there was IARU HF Championship contest 
taking place in HF frequencies. Summer camp station OH3D participated 
the IARU contest in Multi Operator single transmitter category with one 
unique goal: to maximize the amount of multi operators taking contacts 
from the station OH3D.

When IARU HF contest ended on Sunday, the total amount of multi 
operators taking at least one QSO from OH3AD was 125! Currently there is 
no knowledge of bigger multi operator single transmitter operations 
anywhere in the world and therefore this 125 operator station is 
understood to set a new record of this kind of funny “entry category”.

All 125 OH3D operators would like to thank all IARU HF Championship 
participants for nice contacts during the contest.

For additional information, please contact:

Marko Saarela OH2LRD
Chairman of Club Station OH3AD / OH3D
Email. OH2LRD at SRAL.FI
Tel. +358 40 5872 531

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