[CCF] SAC 2015 - Final Results

SM5AJV sm5ajv at qrq.se
Sat Nov 21 09:05:04 EST 2015

We are pleased to announce the final results for SAC 2015.

The results are published on ​http://www.sactest.net/blog/ where you also
can download your award or check your UBN. We have made a new and more
artistic design for 2015 award, simply click on your rank number, to
download the award. If you want to read the UBN, just click on the callsign.

More than 90 regular and sponsored plaques will be delivered to the lucky
winners. Go and check, if you earned one.

We hope to meet you all in the next SAC.
CW: 17-18 September 2016
SSB: 8-9 October 2016

SAC Contest Committee

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