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F Y I de K3ZJ
QSL Info. 24. Juni 2018
General information

Because almost everybody of the organizing committee and the volunteers
have a normal life after WRTC, we ask for your patience that all the QSLing
still needs some weeks to be completed. Many thanks.
Paper QSL

Right now we are preparing a procedure to bring the QSL cards to you. We
will not automatically QSL all QSOs with the Y8 callsigns with paper cards
because it will cause a very high traffic in the QSL bureau and will create
a lot of returning cards. Everybody who wants to have a paper QSL card,
will get one. Therefore we will provide an easy form on our website where
you can tell us your wish for QSL cards.

*Please do not sent your paper QSL card via bureau !!*
Electronic QSL

We will also QSL all Y8 QSOs on LOTW and eQSL.
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