[CCF] SAC Sponsored Plaque Program 2019

Tomi Ylinen tomi.ylinen at luukku.com
Fri Aug 16 04:12:58 EDT 2019

Hi all!
SAC 2019 is approaching!

As you know we have large Sponsored Plaque -program. Most of it have been continuing by our regular sponsors. Thanks for that. 

The updated list looks like this:

Please join the forces by taking open one or make totally new. You are free to invent basis for plaque of your own. It's only 20 EUR per plaque per year.

If interested, please reply to me (or oh6ei'at'sral.fi) and I'll update the list. Instructions to pay is in the end of this mail.

Thanks for old and new sponsors!


SAC Sponsored Plaque Program payment instructions with PayPal
1. Log in to PayPal at http://www.paypal.com (create an account if necessary, and then attach a credit/debit card to it).
2. Click "Send" on the top menu row.

3. Make the payment to hq at sral.fi in Euros, and after specifying the amount, press "Continue". The cost is 20 Euros per plaque per year.

4. Choose "Goods or services".

5. In the box for "Special instructions to seller", write "SAC Sponsored Plaque Program," the names of the plaque(s) you are sponsoring and the year(s) for which you are doing it with this payment. See http://www.sactest.net/blog/rules/sac-sponsored-plaque-program/ for plaque name references.
6. In "Your shipping address", select "No address needed".
7. Scroll down and click "Send Payments Now", and you're done with PayPal.
8. Please send an e-mail note to oh6ei at sral.fi with information about the payment you made. Thank you for your support of SAC!
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