Ari Vepsäläinen ari.vepsalainen at kolumbus.fi
Mon Oct 28 03:31:46 EDT 2019


cq ww ssb kisa takana haastavissa keleissä, 2500 qsoa, monia mukavia 
radioyhteyksiä.  10m bandilla tuli nollasta pilkusta ja aurorasta 
huolimatta PY, 9J, D6, D4 ja noin 150 kpl eurooppalaisia. 15m antoi 
yllättäen peräti 94 dxcc-maata.  Välillä rullasi kivasti, välillä taas 
ei. Rento suoritus viikonlopun muiden aktiviteettien ohessa.

Kiitoksia kaikista yhteyksistä ja kannustuksesta :)

73 Ari OH6MW OG7A

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB   2019   Oct 26   Claimed Score

Call: OG7A
Operator(s): OH6MW
Station: OH6MW

Class: SO(A)AB HP
QTH: kp20
Operating Time (hrs): 37
Location: Northern Europe
Radios: SO2R

_Band    QSOs    Zones    Countries_
160:     180       11          47
80:       648       17          82
40:       621       27          98
20:       752       29       116
15:       178      23          94
10:       160        9          30

Total:  2539    116       467

Total Score    1,989,281

Club: Contest Club Finland

Comments:     [email]     2019-10-28 07:04:02

Very challenging propagation, had fun with 0 sunspots + strong aurora, 
about 37 hours.

Despite all these propagational challengies it was interesting, 
different but interesting :)    I thought we had a bad propagation in 
SAC ssb contest but this was even harder. No east coast US on 40m on 
Saturday, only one zone 3 qso. Worked first 40m east coast qsos in the 
very end of the contest Sunday evening. And it wasn't easy even with 
those big NA multi-multis. Only real opening between southern Finland 
and NA on 20m was Sunday afternoon, a short one. 15m opened slightly to 
US on Sunday evening. Northern Finland had a nice usual NA propagation 
but I am located too south here. Mostly EU pileups and was suprised to 
hear VY2ZM getting stronger on sunday morning on 160m. Finally Jeff was 
"59" for an hour, all the other dx stations were atleast 20dbs behind. 
Heard FY5KE and some other Caribbean stations on 160m, worked VY2ZM 
JT5DX D4C CN3A etc on 160m. Mostly 98% EU qsos.

Ten meters opened to EU on Sunday, suprisingly many 10m qsos with 
difficult propagation.

Six band qsos with CN3A D4C CN3A D4C LY7Z LZ9W P33W. Five bands with 
A73A, FY5KW, ES9C, EF8R and many eu stations.

No serious SO2R this time, used other radio to just some propagation 
checking on Sunday, no dual cq this time. Relaxed operation and had a 
great time. QSL via LOTW. Thanks for all qsos.

73 de Ari OH6MW OG7A

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