[CCF] CQ WPX 2020 SSB raakatullokset

Jukka Klemola jpklemola at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 03:05:33 EDT 2020

The raw scores for the 2020 WPX SSB Contest are now available online at

The listing shows raw scores as calculated by the WPX log checking software
prior to any checking. This should give participants a good indication of
their category placement at the World, Continent, or Country level.  Score
reductions of 2% to 15% (or more) are possible, so we will have to wait for
the log checking process before final results can be announced.

Please check that your entry is in the correct category. Report any errors
or questions to director at cqwpx.com.  Do NOT resubmit your log to ‘fix’ any

We had a record number of log submissions with 7,450 received to date.
Thanks to everyone who submitted their log.

Randy K5ZD

Director, CQ WPX Contest

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