ELNEC Models for HF Bcast Arrays

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Mon Apr 27 08:26:30 EDT 1992

Does anyone out there know of any canned ELNEC models for HF broadcast type
arrays, such as curtains, etc? I've got a project at work where Im trying to
show how we could use ELNEC and IONSOUND to replace an aging $150,000 piece of
software, at a cost of $100 or so.

Also, anyone know of any DOS or UNIX software for inputting a lat/lon and creating
creating a great circle bearing chart? I looked at Dayton but found no such 
software, only a company selling expensive great circle beam charts as rotor
indicator overlays.

I was staying up in Columbus OH with friends so didn't get a chance to see too
many people at Dayton. How do I get to be rich and pay a company to install
a few thousand feet of towers in my back yard?


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