DX Bulletin OPDX #88 November 30, 1992

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The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 088 (OPDX.088)
November 30, 1992
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 216-237-8208 14400/9600/2400/1200/300 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX
Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, ARRL, K1ER, WB3JFS, WK3N
K8MFO, W8XD and K8YSE for the following DX information.

5X, UGANDA (UPDATE). It has been reported that Mario, 5X5MB, was heard
stating Dr. Fred Ruppert, 5X5WR, will be coming next week. He also
stated there is a possibility that Baldur, DJ6SI, may accompany Dr. 
Ruppert to operate CW from Uganda. UPDATE: Just before print, DJ6SI was
active as 5X5WR on 21025 kHz around 1930z.

D6, COMOROS. D68GA has been quite active on 28500 kHz around 1600z 
looking for west coast stations, but still working east coast stations.
Activity has also been on 21295 kHz around 2000z and 24950 kHz between
1630 to 1800z. QSL via N6ZV.

the operators from the FO0CI group, are planning a trip to be active in
the last week of February or the first week of March. There will be
approximately 12 operators and they plan to be active approximately 9
days. Their plan is to be active from both location at the same time.

P5, NORTH KOREA. A station signing P5DTG has been active around 21023
and 28018 kHz between 2200 to 0230z. The operator stated to QSL via 
OK1DTG. Reported beam headings are from the right direction and JA DXers
are reporting the signal is coming from the north.  WFWL! If you remember
Josef, OK1DTG, was in P5 land and operated as OK1DTG/P5 during April 
12-24. Josef claimed he has written permission by the military and was
only allowed to operate 40 meters CW with 10 watts. As far as we know 
his operation is still no good for DXCC credit.

T5, SOMALI. It was reported that INDEXA mentioned a station will become
active as T5CB during December 18 thru January 2. QSL to: P.O. Box 1311,
Buena Vista, CO 81211.

VU7CVP QSL CARDS. Reports are coming in stating turn around for QSL cards
are anywhere from 27 to 29 days. Congratulations to Chitra and Vidi for
putting on a rare location and the fast turn around of cards.

BRAZILIAN POSTAGE RATES.  Leo, PP1CZ, a well know dxpeditioner of ZZ0TA,
PU0F, PP0F etc fame, has reported the following:  Many Brazil Dx'ers are
asking for $2 American to return an airmail card.  As of this date, an
airmail return is about $1.20 American.  It fluctuates up and down from
about $1 to $1.50.  The actual cost today is about 10,300 Cruzeiros.  Leo
advises that one IRC will buy an airmail stamp to anywhere in the world
from Brazil and this is the preferred method for QSLing.  Donations in 
currency over and above that are always appreciated but not required since
one IRC is sufficient.  He also recommends not using Brazil postage stamps
because the inflation rate is such that stamps purchased one day are not 
sufficient the next day.  The inflation rate is 30% or greater!  The 
Brazil bureau is only working for QSLS going into Brazil.  They do not
have outgoing service.  Leo sends his cards to a friend in Germany who
puts them into the bureau system there.  

DXCC NEWS. It was announced this week by the ARRL Awards Comittee that
they voted unanimously to accept recommendations from the DXAC (DX 
Advisory Committee) to add Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Hercegovina to
the DXCC Countries List. Croatia and Slovenia are added for contacts made
26th May 1991 and after.  Bosnia-Hercegovina is added for contacts made
15th October 1991 and after.  The DXCC Desk will aceppt cards received
at ARRL Headquarters after 1st January 1993. Cards received before 1st
January 1993 will be returned without action. The Awards Committee gave
no reason why Macedonia was not added, but only it will remain under

Here is your chance to be counted. Deadline will be January 31, 1993,
with results in February. The questions of the survey will deal with:

1) The DXer of the year. This is a DXer who you thought was outstanding
   in operating and handling the pile-ups from their DXpedition.
2) DXpedition of the Year (Group and Indivdual). Choose the best and most
   well organized DXpedition that met the needs of the DX community.
3) The 30 Most Wanted Countries. Choose your 30 most wanted countries.
4) OPTION: Your personal comments about DXing in 1992.
5) OPTION: Questions for PacketCluster Sysops.

Please use the ballot below. Votes will only be accepted in the 
following format below. 

 Your    | DXer of the Year| DXpedition of the| DXpedition of the
Callsign |    (Person)     | Year by a person | Year by a group
and QTH  |                 |                  |
CHOICE YOUR MOST WANTED COUNTRIES. (Please list only 30 of your most
wanted countries. List CW and SSB modes separately. (Digital modes optional)
DM  - none
Comments: (Text Any Lenght)

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Example Ballot:
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CHOICE YOUR MOST WANTED COUNTRIES. (Please list only 30 of your most
wanted countries. List CW and SSB modes separately. (Digital modes optional)
CW  -
SSB - 
DM  - 
Comments: (Text Any Lenght)
I think DXing in 1992 was..........
1. What is the call sign and QTH of your Cluster?
   (Please list frequencies.)
2. Is your Cluster system represented by a club and/or network?
   (Please list Club and Network.)
3. How many users do you average daily on the cluster?
4. Does your Cluster receive the OPDX Bulletin? (How?)
5. Do you have access to InterNet, BitNet or Compuserve?
   (Please list addresses.)

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