WA6DGX e-mail address

Ron DeBry debry at dirac.scri.fsu.edu
Tue Dec 1 17:02:45 EST 1992


The machine I used to recieve mail on has died.  Supposedly the system here
was to automatically reroute mail to the new address, but apparently that
has not happened, and a lot of mail has been bouncing.  I sent an 
UNSUBSCRIBE message for the old address and a SUBSCRIBE message for the new
one to cq-contest-request, but I still haven't gotten any messages for 
the past couple of days (suspicious, with the contest last weekend, I 
assume there has been traffic).

Once you get your head back together after HC8, please check that my address
for this reflector is :

debry at dirac.scri.fsu.edu


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