Multiplier question

Alan Brubaker alan at
Wed Dec 2 07:50:51 EST 1992

Hi Gary...

I have been operating in the CQWW for 30 years now, and it seems as though
in just about every contest, someone shows up with a weird callsign or an
apparent pirate pops up and stirs up the hordes. 

The log that you submit for judging contains a record of the stations that
you made contact with during the contest period. There is no way for you
to know that each and every station that you worked was legitimate or not,
and the chances are good that any illegitimate stations will also show up
in other logs. My opinion is that it is up to the judges to decide whether
or not to discount a particular QSO for whatever reason. What I usually do
is claim a questionable contact (because I believe that we made a valid
exchange) but I will just put a ? next to it on the log page and then let
the judges decide. I do not recall if the rules get very specific about 
this, but there is a clause on the summary sheet (which you sign) that
states that you followed the rules.

Alan, K6XO

alan at

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