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Wed Dec 2 12:54:34 EST 1992

Additional poop:

Each band had one radio.  We didn't even have headphone splitters.  No
serious problems, although Kenwood transceivers start to fall apart when
the line voltage is 106 volts.

Operators by band 160 to 10 were K1MEM K1MM K1AR W1RM K1EA K1GQ; KM3T
helped out for about 2 hours. We all spent some time on other bands. 5
world-class ops and one has-been (me).

K1EA has two towers. Among other things, that means 20/15 and 40/10 share
rotators.  If there's any interest I'll post a complete antenna
description, but this is **not** a classical M/M setup.

My belief is that being at the center of both the CT and the PacketCluster
universes, combined with great ops, is equivalent to a whole lot of outdoor

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