cqww fun

tsf at druhi.ATT.COM tsf at druhi.ATT.COM
Wed Dec 2 20:53:00 EST 1992

Effective QRP class (100w to attic dipoles - max len 47')

Band	Q/Z/C
160/80  zippo
40	13/7/5
20	44/15/18  
15	59/15/21
10	153/24/48

Total	115,668 pts  	fun rating: 9 out of 10

5 new countries yeah!  9H1, D44, A22, C9, and TU4.
I finally nabbed YE2C and HT1T around 2330 on Sunday when
  the competition died down.
KH0AM's patience when the cat walked across my keyer hand causing me
  to fumble the exchange and mess up his run rate.
And right after that, HC8N finally heard me at about 2200 on Sunday
A nice 10m JA run on Saturday aft - lots of very familiar calls.

All the others I had to give up on.

Heard all you big gunners all over the place.  Your hugely loud signals
kept the rcvr front end nicely overloaded.  Congrats on the nice scores.
N2IC with wobbly straight key 10wpm?  Visitor to Steve's shack?  :-)

Tom 	n0gos

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