Questionable multipliers

Larry Tyree x 7210 larryt at
Thu Dec 3 08:58:03 EST 1992

If one of these is deemed to be removed from your log, certainly you would
loose multiplier credit, but I disagree that you should still get the QSO
points.  You might of worked someone somewhere, but who is to say that you
didn't copy the call wrong, or that the persone didn't have a license, or
that he was a dupe??  

Since a valid exchange of information did not take place, there was no real
contact made and you would loose the QSO credit as well.

Also, there would be no penalties assessed, unless it is determined that the
call you worked was a busted call.

BTW, I seem to be a new member of the CQ Contest Committee, so whlie this
is not an official answer, it is somewhat informed (although I am sure I 
will be more informed as time goes on).

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