Raymond D. Craig craigr at
Thu Dec 3 13:05:02 EST 1992

As a former log checker on the CQ Contest Committee,  I can tell you how
I handled pirate calls and such.  If the call is obviously a pirate (like a
ZA 5 years ago) then you lose the multiplier and the QSO points.  The stn
is obviously not licensed under that call and the rules do not permit Q's 
with unlicensed or non-amateur stns.  There is no additional penalty.
If someone wants to send /QRP, that's their option.  Your option is to not
log it as /QRP.  It is not considered part of the callsign when checking for
busted calls.  
  I personally think it's poor practice to sign /QRP and I sure as hell don't
cut 'em any slack for chosing to make my copying harder.  It's tough enough
trying to copy weak stns without adding 4 more characters to the call.   The
combination of QRP and poor antennas really irritates me.  I think without
exception the successful QRPers have spent the time to put up decent antennas.
But then the same can be said for the successful QROers.

  Tree, you have my sympathy with your log checking tasks.  It's fun but
awful time consuming.  Good luck.

73  Rick, N6ND

> Another question:
>    If you work someone who insists on signing their call "WZ3ABC/QRP" and you
> write only "WZ3ABC" in the log, will the log checkers consider that a 
> busted call?
>    I would hope not, since the /QRP is not a legally-required part of the 
> callsign in any country that I am aware of....
> -- k3na

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