questionable multipliers

sellington sellington at
Thu Dec 3 16:25:18 EST 1992


I can see losing the QSO points, without further penalty, if the station 
worked is proven to be unlicensed.  But what if I work a licensed operator,
but claim the wrong multiplier?  For example, I might work a GM0, and 
mistakenly believe he was in the Shetlands.  In that case, I think I
should still get the QSO credit.  If the GM0 sends in his log, and it
shows I copied his call wrong, I should suffer the penalty.  Now, to
make things more interesting, suppose the GM0 does not send in his
log, but a call very similar appears in several others' logs.  Determining
whether he could possibly have been in the Shetlands shouldn't be too
hard, but should I be penalized for a broken call?  Maybe I copied it
wrong, or maybe everyone else worked GM0ABC but I really did work GM0UBC, who 
didn't happen to work anyone else whose logs were checked.   (Not that
my scores are ever high enough to warrant such scrutiny, either.)

Scott   K9MA

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