Wasting time

Rita K Barkey rbarkey at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Thu Dec 3 19:03:55 EST 1992

All the comments about sending/receiving the '/qrp' business are
certainly well taken.  However, the amount of time wasted by this
is really minimal, isn't it?  Why don't we get to the real waste
of time in contesting -- people who don't send their calls!

I've just had it with these guys who don't ID on every QSO.  They
aren't omitting it to save time -- geez, these guys spend 20 seconds
saying "73" after each qso.  I suspect that they don't want to ID
because they think it will keep down the size of their pileup.
Yech!  It is such a pleasure to go up and down the band during the JA
openings -- those op's ID every QSO and you can answer them at 90+
per hour.  The Carribean, South American and European stations can
go for an agonizingly long time before they ID.  How much collective
time is being wasted by the dozens of ears that are listening (in
ignorance) on each one of them?

Maybe we need to publish some kind of contest QSO technique "manual"
to help these guys learn some new habits ...

   -- Pat

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