/QRP no, /T /N yes

Rus Healy NJ2L rhealy at arrl.org
Fri Dec 4 08:07:05 EST 1992

Patty Winter writes:

>This reminds me...during the 1992 NR I worked a station that was signing
>/T, but when I looked up his address to send him a QSL card, I saw that
>he had a higher-class license. (Maybe he had recently downgraded? :-) )
>I put a subtle note on the card--something like, "From the callbook, it
>looks like maybe you aren't a Tech any more, so my contact probably won't
>count for you". He sent me a return QSL with no response to my comment.
>I can't help but conclude that this guy was cheating. By pretending to be
>a Tech, he could work any station he wanted. Guess I could listen to the
>next NR a bit and drop a note to the League if I hear him doing the same
>thing again. Or maybe I could just post his callsign here and let all of
>you listen for him. :-)

Hmm. It may have been a guest operator. I recall operating my
first (and only) NR with my host's 2-by-1 call, signing /N. I'm sure
that raised a few eyebrows. :')

Hard to say why he didn't respond to your comment on the QSL card. 
(I would think that if he was cheating he'd have blown off answering
cards.) But I can say for myself that answering QSLs is a mindless 
task in which I often shut off most of my cognitive horsepower--such 
as it is.

Pardon me, Patty, for playing Devil's advocate.

Then again, maybe he *was* cheating. :')

--73, Rus, NJ2L

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