W4AQL antennas

Jeff Tucker N9HZQ tucker at eedsp.gatech.edu
Fri Dec 4 15:06:49 EST 1992

Well, we've decided that if W4AQL is going to get competitive, we are
going to have to put up some mono-banders.  We've been using a
TH6 and a KLM 2 el. 40m antenna, but we want more.

What has the experience been with some of the monobanders out there?
A local antenna guru has given us some of his opinions.  He says
that Hygains are the cheapest made.  Not very sturdy.  The KLM's are
built better, but he said that they aren't DC grounded.  Apparently,
he thought that made them more susceptible to precipitation noise.
Anyone know anything about this?

He recommended looking into DX Engineering, a company headed by
N0XX, I guess.  Does anyone have any experience with them?
BTW, we're looking at putting up 6 or 8 elements on 10, 6 on
15 and 4-6 elements on 20.  That 6 el. 20 is really big and it
would go on the tower with the 40, probably.  That's a lot of
antenna for one rotor so we might go smaller.

I'd appreciate any comments.  The tower situation here is one 50
ft. tower and one 90 ft. tower.  We can't use the top of the 90
ft. though because that's where VHF/UHF is.  So, an antenna on
that tower would be at 82 ft.  (Don't ask me why, but that's where
the guys are.  The top 10 ft. are unguyed.)
We are planning on putting up another tower, probably 30-40 ft.  Oh,
all these are ft above the roof which is 60 ft. off the ground.

Thanks es 73 de Jeff N9HZQ

Jeff Tucker                         N9HZQ, EMT-A
tucker at eedsp.gatech.edu             Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
W4AQL Contest Domination Team       Georgia Institute of Technology

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