New antennas for W4AQL

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at
Fri Dec 4 13:43:35 EST 1992

Monobanders is a good idea.

> A local antenna guru has given us some of his opinions.  He says
> that Hygains are the cheapest made.  Not very sturdy.  The KLM's are
> built better...

I for one have the opposite impression, because the Hygains use metal
boom-to-element clamps, and KLM has always used plastic.  Hello, Dave,
W6QHS, doesn't your book rate Hygain over KLM when it comes to wind
survival?  (In case you haven't heard, Dave's new book, The Physical
Design of Yagi Antennas, is available from the ARRL, HRO, etc.).

There is a brand new antenna company that may have exactly what
you are looking for.  They are called "Force 12 Antennas."  All of
the antennas are designed and built by Tom Schiller, N6BT, who
designed my own custom antenna stack before he got serious.  The
new antenna company was announced at the Pacific Division Convention
in October.

You can write them at the following address to request literature:

Force 12 Antennas
3350 Scott Blvd., Suite 6102
Santa Clara, CA  95054
(408) 988-2766

Force 12 has a number of duo-band designs such as 28/24 21/18, 14/10.
These can be stacked closely with very little interaction.  They
will also build custom designs upon request.

These antennas have many unique features:

1) 100 mph wind survival (based on Yagi Stress analysis)
2) Low profile (non-glare aluminum, thin element tips)
3) .049 wall 6061-T6 aluminum (17% less weight, but plenty strong)
4) Prealigned boom to element clamps (no "eyeballing" required)
5) Pop-riveted elements (pop-riveter is supplied).  No hose clamps
   or compression clamps that can get stuck on guy wires during
6) No measuring or "Phone/CW" adjustments; all elements pre-measured
7) Full band coverage on bands above 10 MHz
8) Computer-optimized using YO and MN
9) Simple 50 ohm feed system, unique driven element design
10) Tapered elements.  Eliminates wind vibration (no need to put
   rope inside the elements).

Tom has already applied for two patents, and he says he's working on
a third.

Most of the antennas used by the CE0Y DXpedition by N6AA and others in
the CQ WW Phone contest were Force 12 antennas.  The 10, 15, and 20m
antennas were custom made to telescope into a 4 ft' ski bag, booms
and all.  The antennas at HC8A/HC8N were also designed by N6BT.

Speaking from personal experience, N6BT antennas just plain work.

Bob, N6TV

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