K3NA's comments on signing your call.

Ron Debry debry at iris1.sb.fsu.edu
Fri Dec 4 20:53:55 EST 1992

Yep, Bill beat me to it.  I take exactly the same view - if the DX 
station doesn't sign quickly, I call him and make him give his call.
I'd even bet that the disruption in rhythm from my having to ask for
his call is worse than signing often.  

I know that the DX station wants to maximize his rate, but he's got to
realize that as a single-op I'm trying to do 5 things at once, and
sitting listening to pileups is way low on the list.

>From either the DX or US end, the only time I don't sign every QSO is
when I feel the pile is so big that its slowing me down, and then only
for a few Q's in a row will I not sign. (In other words, sometimes
not signing will drive some of a big pile away for a while - if it
doesn't seem to work, then I go right back to signing every Q).

Ron DeBry  WA6DGX
debry at sb.fsu.edu

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