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tekbspa!tavan at uunet.UU.NET tekbspa!tavan at uunet.UU.NET
Sun Dec 6 13:14:03 EST 1992

If you submit a listing of stations worked by multiplier,
then the log checker should be REQUIRED to restore credit
for a multiplier when he deletes the QSO on which you
claimed credit.  It is truly unfair
if you lose credit, say, for JA when your first JA Q is
logged as "JH5HSH" but really is "JH5HIH".  (He may have
sent HSH, too - one of those unfixable situations where
the accurate op is penalized for the sloppy sending of
others.)  I'd like to hear this commitment from the
contest committees.


/Rick N6XI
tavan at

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