160 M. Contest.

Alan Brubaker alan at dsd.es.com
Mon Dec 7 07:50:22 EST 1992

K6XO/7  Single Operator, low power.

112 QSOs,  39 Sections, about 5 hours.

Didn't spend much time in this one. There sure are a lot of
alligators on this band, but some people have excellent ears.
No QSOs with W1 or W2 but I called lots of them. The only 3s
in the log are K3LR and VE3KP. Only 3 W4s. I needed to stay
up later, I guess. AB4RU has an outstanding signal out of
Georgia and he seemed to have no trouble hearing me either.
Almost like he was next door. CU on 10 meters.


alan at dsd.es.com

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