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Raymond D. Craig craigr at
Mon Dec 7 09:04:25 EST 1992

> Subject: Backup Mults
> Date: Sun, 06 Dec 92 13:14:03 -0800
> From: tekbspa!tavan at uunet.UU.NET
> If you submit a listing of stations worked by multiplier,
> then the log checker should be REQUIRED to restore credit
> for a multiplier when he deletes the QSO on which you
> claimed credit.  It is truly unfair
> if you lose credit, say, for JA when your first JA Q is
> logged as "JH5HSH" but really is "JH5HIH".  (He may have
> sent HSH, too - one of those unfixable situations where
> the accurate op is penalized for the sloppy sending of
> others.)  I'd like to hear this commitment from the
> contest committees.
> 73,
> /Rick N6XI
> tavan at

It is very rare to see a listing of stations worked by multiplier submitted
with a log.  For some people a dupe sheet is a major task.  Back to the issue.

You will not lose a multiplier for a deleted Q if you have obviously worked
many stations in that country.  When you only work one or two stations from 
the country, it can be difficult to find the second contact if the first Q is
deleted.  A good dupe sheet is usually all that's needed to locate other Q's
in the country.  However, with the trend of using special prefixes, it gets
more difficult.  If you also submit a floppy with a K1EA .bin file, most log
checkers will load that file, make the necessary corrections, and take the
score directly from the screen.  This will also get your log in the database
for the on-going investigation on "uniques".

The bottom line is that the log checkers are trying to get everyone on a
"more" level playing field by eliminating the spurious and busted calls.
It is not a perfect system but then this is "amateur" radio and we shouldn't
demand perfection from everyone who participates in this phase of the hobby.

73  Rick  N6ND      craigr at
Obviously these are my personal views and they are not blessed by anybody...

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