Derek Wills oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu
Tue Dec 8 23:24:48 EST 1992

	I really get ticked off when someone blows me away
	as a dupe and refuses to work me again even tho I am using
	computer logging and am absolutely sure he is not yet in
	my log. 

	Rick N6XI
This annoys me too.  One of the ways it can happen is when two stations
are close in frequency and you call one of them and hear them both coming
back to you.   You may not even know who the second one is, until you call
them later and they insist that you are a dupe.   I often find myself in the 
same contest as AA5B, and this causes problems for both of us, too.

Not to prolong the QRP discussion too much more, but on two separate
occasions today I heard someone sending only "QRP QRP QRP" on a DX station
frequency (6W6/K3IPK on 10 cw, 5X5WR on 15 cw) and in both cases they were 
acknowledged and worked by the DX, so it is no surprise that QRP ops 
continue to do this.   If the DX station doesn't like it, then the QRP op 
remains anonymous anonymous and can use the proper call later on.  It made 
me want to send "QRO QRO QRO" but I resisted.   There was some justice, in 
that the one who was worked by Baldur didn't know he or she had made it, and 
continued to call a few more times before giving up.  Perhaps the cards will
be made out simply to "QRP", that would soon stop the practise.

This is a bit off the subject of contesting, but Baldur was operating in a
novel way today - he would work transceive for a few QSOs and then hop up
or down a KHz or two without warning and work some more people on his freq,
then hop again.  I suspect that he had receiver problems, and was not trying 
to start a new technique for dealing with pile-ups (piles-up?).

Derek aa5bt

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