BILL FISHER 71662.17 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Dec 9 09:19:22 EST 1992


>When a dupe calls me, I tell him.  If the exchange
>is short, I send it anyway and log the dupe.  If the exchange
>is long (SS), I attempt to abort.  If he insists he
>isn't a dupe, I work him even tho he appears in my
>log as a dupe.  This courtesy not only helps the caller
>complete a contact he does not have logged, it also
>prevents me from losing a previous Q that I may have logged
>incorrectly.  At least the "dupe" should count, even
>if the first Q was busted.

>I really get ticked off when someone blows me away
>as a dupe and refuses to work me again even tho I am using
>computer logging and am absolutely sure he is not yet in
>my log.  The next time I operate a contest seriously, I
>will probably log all such events as zero pointers and
>send a note to the sponsor to delete any Q with me that
>the may appear in the offender's log.

>/Rick N6XI

This past SS I had a number of guys call me and I blew them off with the
usual "QSO B4 TU TEST DE N4RJ".  After the contest Jeff (KR0Y) told me
that one of his buddies tried to work me twice on Sunday and I told him he
was a dupe.  Jeff said the guy told him that I wasn't in his log. 
However, he didn't bother to tell me this during the contest.  I think
this is due to the fact that alot of guys won't take the initiative to
tell someone that they aren't in their log.  

Keeping this mind... I will probably lose 3 QSO's now because this guy
wouldn't say "Hey lid, you didn't work me!".  My practice from now on will
be to work all dupes that call me.  Esspecially in a contest like SS where
the logs are checked closely and the final posisition can be the
difference of one QSO.  With the number of guys using computers these
days, I don't get too many calling me that are dupes anyway.  I just don't
think the rate will suffer enough to take a chance on losing 3 QSO's after
the contest!


Bill Fisher, KM9P

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