fixing busted calls

Trey Garlough GARLOUGH at TGV.COM
Wed Dec 9 09:04:14 EST 1992

> There was a version of CT once that AUTOMATICALLY resent the call on CW if
> you changed the logged callsign during the QSO!  I thought it was a neat idea
> but there were situations where it was a pain; e.g., correcting a typo.  So
> the feature was taken out.

I believe this feature still exists (you enable with a word-in-the-call-field
command, akin to WRITELOG -- I think the command is AUTOCORRECT or something
like that), but this feature is worthless when used in concert with the CT
typeahead feature since by defenition you are changing the call of everyone
you work.  To wit, calling CQ I am answered by AA5BT, so I type "A A 5 INSERT
B T".  On the air I transmit "AA5BT 5NN CA".  CT begins this transmission as
soon as I hit INSERT.  Since I can't type as fast as AA5BT sends, I only have 
AA5 typed in the call field by the time Derek finishes sending his call, so I
am still typing in the BT when CT starts sending.  Meanwhile, CT says "Aha!
Since you have "corrected" the call of the station you are working, I am going
to send the entire call when you send your acknowlegement."  Feh.

I hit the appropriate function key when I explicitly want to send the call again
because CT can't really tell whether the call has been corrected or not.

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