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Wed Dec 9 13:51:18 EST 1992


re:  In response to AA5UO's comments on CT...

>CT assumes you want to keep a dupe and makes you hit ALT W to clear it.
>I think a better way would be for it to assume that you don't want the
>dupe and clear is automatically. If you want to keep it then hit ALT
>K(eep) [or whatever]. This could be user configurable.  If I work a dupe
>who says he isn't, I log him anyway. Should I then go back and zero out
>the first contact? Ie, keep it in the log but zero points?

>Kris, AA5UO    

I TOTALLY disagree with Kris's opinion on this... I always want to keep a
dupe for the reasons I mentioned in my previous message.  The other reason
is that CT is complicated enough now!   Ken (K1EA) does't even remember
most of the function keys and he's the guy that writes it.  It is also
very easy to wipe out the QSO with ALT-W, F-11, CNTRL-J, ect...  

The one thing that I wish Ken would add is a NUKE button like K8CC has in
his program (CNTRL-K = KILL).  No matter what field you are in, this key
sequence will kill the QSO.  In Ken's program you MUST be in the call
field to wipe out the QSO with ALT-W.  I do think F11 will do it, but I
operate with a 84 key keyboard for contesting.  


Bill Fisher, KM9P

This is kind of like an online NCJ isn't it?

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